When in Nicaragua


Our view while horseback riding

I must admit that I was a little nervous about going to Nicaragua.  Max and I stayed at the Surf Ranch Action Sports Resort in San Juan Del Sur, and I’ve never surfed nor did I understand what the resort meant by ‘action sports’, so I was worried that I would be a chicken and hold Max back from enjoying his vacation.  I decided ahead of time that I was just going to try to ‘y.o.l.o.,’ and/or have a few cocktails before we got to action sporting.  Once we arrived it wasn’t long before I slipped into the relaxed Nicaraguan vibe and decided that “y.o.l.o. – ing” was going to be the easiest and safest way to convince myself to try new things.  And so I took a surfing lesson, inquired about the shark situation at the beach we were at, observed some other more brave surfers get in the water ahead of me, and then shuffled my feet as I headed out into the water to scare away the sting rays (just to be clear, the surf instructor told us to do that).  To my surprise, I stood up on the board the first wave I caught, and a few more times after that!  I didn’t see any sharks or rays and I was not terrible at surfing, which gave me the confidence to try more new things throughout the rest of our stay, like zip-lining, repelling, and jumping off a catamaran to swim to a private beach.  In addition to all the action, there was of course time for reading on the beach, hammock siestas, exploring the town, horseback riding, and hanging by the pool.  Now that I think about it, I should have suggested a name change for the resort.  The Surf Ranch Action Sports and Relaxation Resort does have a certain ring to it.  Needless to say, I think Nicaragua is worth a visit.

Phone pictures 156

Remanso Beach, where the surfing took place

Phone pictures 193San Juan del Sur street art

Phone pictures 173Surf boards at the resort

Nicaragua (2 of 2)Repelling

Phone pictures 183San Juan del Sur market

Phone pictures 169Siesta

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Remanso Beach

Phone pictures 189Beachwear

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San Juan del Sur kitten

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Fancy fringed horse

Phone pictures 180Monkey and animal print overload in town

Phone pictures 191Ocean view in San Juan del Sur


Roses in Nicaragua

Roses in Nicaragua

Reformation Dress, Zara Purse, Thrifted Sandals

Hola (that’s how you say hello when you’re in Nicaragua)!  Max and I had a wonderful time on our trip and are now back home in snowy Boston.  One, among many, of the highlights of our trip was Valentine’s Day.  In the morning we went horseback riding through the mountainside with spectacular views of the beaches below.  Then we repelled down a 50 meter rock ledge, and zip-lined through the jungle to the sound of howler monkeys. In the afternoon I had a relaxing massage at the resort, and we ended the day with dinner and drinks outside.  It was more adventurous than the typical chocolates and flowers Valentine’s Day that I’m used to, so I couldn’t resist wearing a romantic rose print dress that evening to soften the vibe.  It’s a combination of simple and casual, yet flowing and dramatic, basically my idea of the perfect dress for a tropical holiday.  From adrenaline rushes to peaceful moments in pretty dresses, Valentine’s Day, and Nicaragua in general, was a good time.

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My Wish List: Nicaragua


Max and I are headed to Nicaragua tomorrow to escape from the wintry weather for a few days, and, just to torture myself, I created a fantasy wish list of everything I want to pack in my suitcase.  To begin with, a comfy and chic travel outfit is a must and these adidas floral track pantslight weight sweater, and backpack style purse would be perfect.  I’m of course going to need a few swimsuits and a pretty caftan.  A floral one-piece, a simple black suit, and a ruffle strapless bikini should be sufficient.  For beach or pool days I would use a fun tote to carry my panama hat and cat eye sunglasses.  For dinners, excursions, and just exploring our surroundings I’ll need a dress, or two, or three.  Separates can be mixed and matched easily, especially if there’s a cohesive color palate.  Printed shorts, an embellished tank, a delicate camisole, a bird print t-shirt, a striped top, polka dot bottoms, a silk skirt, running leopard shorts, colored denim, and a cute jacket, just in case it gets chilly, are my top choices.  Jumpsuits are an easy way to look pulled together without a lot of effort, and just because I like having choices, I would bring along both casual and formal options.  As far and shoes and accessories go I would bring flat sandals, a pair of slides, a statement necklace, and a fun snake ring.  And just because we’ll be traveling over Valentine’s Day, I’ll need to bring along a flirty dress and killer heels.  I never said I was a light packer.

Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses

Free People Dress, Old Navy Sandals

I’ve gotten plenty of wear out of this Free People dress this summer.  It quickly became my favorite thing to throw on after a day spent at the beach, to a barbeque with friends, or just running errands.  It’s lightweight and comfortable, but I still look pulled together.  Over the past couple months, I’ve gotten a number of compliments on it, but the most memorable was from a longtime family friend who said I looked like a butterfly!  Now I can’t help but think of it whenever I wear this dress!  Thanks Brian!

Butterfly Kisses (2 of 6)Butterfly Kisses (5 of 6)Butterfly Kisses (6 of 6)Butterfly Kisses (3 of 6)Butterfly Kisses (4 of 6)

Beachy Black and White

Beachy Black and White

Saks Off Fifth Top, H&M Pants

You really can’t go wrong with a head to toe black and white look.  The color pallet is classic, while the playful patterns in the garments keep it young and modern.  I love the cut of the top and how it opens in the back whenever I move.  Another reason to love black and white, you have room to play around with colorful shoes.  My pick was a pair of bright orange wedges that I slipped on after my walk on the beach.

Beachy Black and White (1 of 6)Beachy Black and White (3 of 6)Beachy Black and White (6 of 6)Beachy Black and White (2 of 6)Beachy Black and White (5 of 6)

Fringe Benefits

Saks Off Fifth Sweater and Jeans, BCBG Wedges, TOMS Sunglasses, Mood Ring (Click on Image to Enlarge)

I’m feeling a little sad posting these pictures because Labor Day weekend in Maine always represents the end of the summer for me.  Everything closes at 2 PM in Ocean Park.  The lifeguards walk off the beach, all of the small shops along the shore close, and there’s a mass exodus of families leaving in their fully packed cars. However, I am getting a little joy out of these pictures because of how well my pants and fringed sweater match the weathered rope on this quaint walkway to the beach.

Minty Fresh

H+M Sweater, LOFT Shorts and Earrings, Sam Edelman Sandals (Click on Image to Enlarge)

During an evening stroll on the beach this past weekend, Duchess fell for a dog named Max (It’s true!). He swept her off all four of her feet, and she followed him up and down the beach.  We knew it was love when she followed him into the water.  She has never willingly gone into the ocean on her own before, but that night, we couldn’t get her to come out!  She wanted to swim and frolic with Max forever!  Sadly, we had to leave, and on the walk home Max and I tried to explain to Duchess that it was just summer love and that she will eventually move on.  Her broken heart was mended approximately three minutes later when we fed her dinner.  However, I captured some pictures of Duchess and Max so we can always remember that night.

Max and Duchess (Click on Image to Enlarge)