Precious Cargo

Precious Cargo

BCBG Top, Saks Off Fifth Cargo Pants, Tara Jarmon Purse, BCBG Heels, Gifted Earrings, Vintage Bangle

To take my cargoes to the next level, and show them a good time, I swapped out my usual T-shirt for a shimmery top with a cut-out in the back.   A lady-like purse that I picked up in Paris (an important/annoying detail that I must include) is more elegant than my everyday bag and certainly adds to the dressier vibe that I was going for.  Last, but not least, I wore colorful snake skin statement heels that would make a pair of pajamas look put together.  Casual or chic, cargoes can handle it.

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Buttoned Up

Buttoned Up

H&M Top, J. Brand Jeans, Calvin Klein Purse, BCBG Heels, TOM’s Sunglasses, Vintage Diamond and Gold Studs

When you are struggling with what to wear in the morning, revert back to whatever you feel most comfortable in.  For some it may be head to toe black, but for me it’s always skinny jeans, heels, and a statement top with a relaxed fit.  This combo makes me feel confident and pulled together even on those ‘off” days.  It’s important to find what works for you to best understand your signature style.

P.S.  Boston we love you!  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims and their families who were directly affected by Monday’s horrific events.


Diana, Max, and Duchess

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Modern Menagerie

Modern Menagerie

Banana Republic Dress, Vince Camuto Booties, Calvin Klein Purse, Vintage Diamond Earrings, Gifted Elm City Jewelers Locket and Pinky Ring, Vintage Gifted Diamond and Turquoise Rings

An abstract zebra print dress, a colorful faux python purse, and a beautiful beagle are among my favorites in my modern day (and very animal friendly) menagerie.  It is my belief that zebra print is one of the hardest animal prints to incorporate into your wardrobe.  I can handle leopard print any day!  While the dress is certainly the focal point of my outfit, it’s not too loud or in-you-face like a typical zebra pattern.  The muted, soft colors and sophisticated and feminine shape of the dress make it wearable.  These particular stripes may not be suited for the plains of Africa, but they’re perfect for concrete jungles.

Modern Menagerie (4 of 5)Modern Menagerie (5 of 5)Modern Menagerie (1 of 5)Modern Menagerie (3 of 5)

Scallop Season

H&M Top and Skirt, DSW Heels and Clutch, Lord & Taylor Tights, Gifted Necklace, Vintage Gifted Turquoise Ring

The title of this post may be confusing because scallops on clothing are always in season.  Sadly, the same does not hold true for everyone’s favorite mollusk…

Now that I’ve cleared that up, I’d like to focus on this skirt.  The scalloped tiers add interesting visual effect and detail without adding any extra, unwanted volume.  This is a rarity that I do not take lightly, for I love me some tiers, just not ones that make my hips look bigger.  That would result in tears.  See what I did?

Lastly, to compliment the burgundy skirt, I wore snake skin heels in a similar color scheme and a neutral leopard patterned blouse.  Two animal prints in one outfit does not make a wrong!

Lavendar Lace

Lace Top from small boutique in NYC, Forever 21 Pleated Skirt, Naturalizer Heels, Gifted Watch, Cynthia Rowley via Marshalls Purse

I find it very difficult sometimes to be creative and stylish at work, while still looking professional.  It is much harder for me to pick out an outfit that defines my style personality for my 9 to 5 than it is for anything else.  I’ve logged many hours staring at all of the clothes hanging in my closet feeling stumped about what I’m going to wear to the office, and what I have learned is: 1. I need to clean out my closet, and 2. try pairing unexpected separates together.  I usually reserve this over sized lace top for my weekend attire, but wearing it with a tank and tucked into a high-waisted tweed skirt, suddenly made it work appropriate.  And my faux snake skin heels that were purchased to wear to a wedding, added just the right amount of sass to this look.