Silk Shorts

Silk Shorts

Calvin Klein T-Shirt, Urban Outfitters Shorts, Victoria’s Secret Sandals

When I’ve worn these shorts in the past, I’ve always dressed them up with a pair of heels and a fancier top for a night out.  I wanted to try something a little different and dress them down for a more casual day spent hanging out with family.  My main goal was to avoid the pajama look, which can sometimes happen when wearing silk bottoms.  I opted to wear a white tee and hot pink gladiator sandals, letting the shorts do all the talking.  I don’t think they said “I’m wearing pajamas,” so I’ll call this one a success!

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Minty Fresh

H+M Sweater, LOFT Shorts and Earrings, Sam Edelman Sandals (Click on Image to Enlarge)

During an evening stroll on the beach this past weekend, Duchess fell for a dog named Max (It’s true!). He swept her off all four of her feet, and she followed him up and down the beach.  We knew it was love when she followed him into the water.  She has never willingly gone into the ocean on her own before, but that night, we couldn’t get her to come out!  She wanted to swim and frolic with Max forever!  Sadly, we had to leave, and on the walk home Max and I tried to explain to Duchess that it was just summer love and that she will eventually move on.  Her broken heart was mended approximately three minutes later when we fed her dinner.  However, I captured some pictures of Duchess and Max so we can always remember that night.

Max and Duchess (Click on Image to Enlarge)

Walk This Way

Lilly Pulitzer Top, Old Navy Shorts, Victoria’s Secret Sandals, Gifted Elm City Jewelers Locket (Click on Image to Enlarge)

Every time I went to take the Duchess for a walk last week while we were in the Outer Banks, she would drag me towards the beach.  Just to be clear, she hates the ocean, but she loves to run around in the sand.  Dogs aren’t allowed to be on the beach until after 5pm, but it seems to me that Duchess believes in the saying “it’s always five o-clock somewhere.”  Again, just to be clear, so do I, and never more so than when I was on vacation.