Silk Shorts

Silk Shorts

Calvin Klein T-Shirt, Urban Outfitters Shorts, Victoria’s Secret Sandals

When I’ve worn these shorts in the past, I’ve always dressed them up with a pair of heels and a fancier top for a night out.  I wanted to try something a little different and dress them down for a more casual day spent hanging out with family.  My main goal was to avoid the pajama look, which can sometimes happen when wearing silk bottoms.  I opted to wear a white tee and hot pink gladiator sandals, letting the shorts do all the talking.  I don’t think they said “I’m wearing pajamas,” so I’ll call this one a success!

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Subtle Florals

Subtle Florals

H&M Blazer and Jeans, J. Crew T-Shirt, Nine West Heels, Vintage Diamond Earrings, Elm City Jewelers Necklace

Max suggested that I title this blog entry ‘late bloomer’ because “it would be funny.”  I appreciate his interest in the blog, but declined for a number of reasons including the fact that I’ve had these floral pieces in my closet for close to two years now.  I think that would make me an early bloomer.  I jumped on the first flower pants bandwagon I saw, and haven’t looked back.  At the very least I could be considered a perennial because I take them out every spring and summer, and retire them in the fall through winter.  And that’s pretty much all I know about gardening.

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Buttoned Up

Buttoned Up

H&M Top, J. Brand Jeans, Calvin Klein Purse, BCBG Heels, TOM’s Sunglasses, Vintage Diamond and Gold Studs

When you are struggling with what to wear in the morning, revert back to whatever you feel most comfortable in.  For some it may be head to toe black, but for me it’s always skinny jeans, heels, and a statement top with a relaxed fit.  This combo makes me feel confident and pulled together even on those ‘off” days.  It’s important to find what works for you to best understand your signature style.

P.S.  Boston we love you!  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims and their families who were directly affected by Monday’s horrific events.


Diana, Max, and Duchess

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Modern Menagerie

Modern Menagerie

Banana Republic Dress, Vince Camuto Booties, Calvin Klein Purse, Vintage Diamond Earrings, Gifted Elm City Jewelers Locket and Pinky Ring, Vintage Gifted Diamond and Turquoise Rings

An abstract zebra print dress, a colorful faux python purse, and a beautiful beagle are among my favorites in my modern day (and very animal friendly) menagerie.  It is my belief that zebra print is one of the hardest animal prints to incorporate into your wardrobe.  I can handle leopard print any day!  While the dress is certainly the focal point of my outfit, it’s not too loud or in-you-face like a typical zebra pattern.  The muted, soft colors and sophisticated and feminine shape of the dress make it wearable.  These particular stripes may not be suited for the plains of Africa, but they’re perfect for concrete jungles.

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Think Pink…

Think Pink...

J. Crew Hat, Guess Coat, Saks Off Fifth Sweater, Urban Outfitters Jeans, DSW Boots

Hats!  When it’s gray and snowy outside, even in the springtime, I like to make the best of it by wearing bright accessories.  This hat is basically perfect in the sense that it’s both fashionable and practical.  It keeps my head warm and dry, while adding a pop of color to my look.  That’s my idea of a multipurpose tool.

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Leopard Legs

Leopard Legs (2 of 4)

Zara Sweater, J. Crew Trousers, Vince Camuto Booties, LOFT Sunglasses, Vintage Earrings, Gifted Elm City Jewelers Necklace, Charles-Hubert Watch

What can I say about leopard print that hasn’t already been said?  Nothing!  It’s the perfect print and I enjoy/can’t help incorporating it into my wardrobe in a slightly embarrassing amount.  I will never apologize for that.  However, in an attempt to tone down the jungle cat trousers I wore it with an over-sized white sweater and light pink ankle boots.  I think the result was feminine and soft compared to the edgy and hard vibe that usually accompanies the print.  Le leopard is so versatile!

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Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard (6 of 6)

H&M Blouse, Zara Skirt, Naturalizer Heels, Banana Republic Earrings

I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day.  The flowers, the candy, the cards, dressing up in red and pink, I love it all!  This year I tried to take the more “sophisticated” and “understated” route for thematic holiday dressing.  I wore the palest pink blouse with black hearts and a graphic leopard print skirt for a fun and flirty look that was a little less obvious.  Opaque black tights and menswear inspired heels grounded the girly pieces.

Truth: chocolate in a heart-shaped box given to you by someone you love tastes better.  Facts are facts.

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