A Side of Mustard

LOFT Top, American Eagle Jeans, BCBG Heels, J. Crew Clutch

I love a monochromatic look.  I wear head to toe black practically every other day.  When it comes to mustard yellow though, I tend to err on the side of caution.  It’s one of the few shades of yellow that I can wear as a blonde, and I do not take that lightly.  I find that this shade works best for me in small doses and in a modest cut.  I really like the feminine feel this top gives to my distressed boyfriend jeans, and it’s simplicity allows me to have fun with accessories, like a red lip, color-blocked clutch, and leopard print slingbacks.

A Side of Mustard 2.1 (2 of 3)

A Side of Mustard 2.1 (3 of 3)


Lady Layers

Lady Layers (2 of 5)

H&M Tweed Jacket, LOFT Sweater, American Eagle Jeans, John Fluevog Boots, Vintage Purse

Sometimes the best outfits come together accidentally.  By chance this tweed jacket and striped sweater were hanging next to each other in my closet.  I was just beginning to think that I had nothing to wear when I spotted them.  A pair of distressed denim, lilac studded boots, and a vintage purse later, the rest is history.  This is the perfect combination of pulled together and comfortable for a rainy afternoon spent at the museum.  I knew that I probably did too much outfit planning in my head, but now I know I’m doing it subconsciously as well.

Lady Layers (1 of 5)Lady Layers (5 of 5)Lady Layers (3 of 5)Lady Layers (4 of 5)

Neat Knits

Neat Knits

Lord & Taylor Sweater, Jessica Simpson Jeans, Bass Boots

Knit-wear can be tricky.  Yes, it’s very cozy, but there’s always the potential of an itchy, bulky, Grandma-esque sweater situation.   I prefer to wear a lightweight sweater with a tank underneath to minimize the bulk, and I always look for soft fabrics, such a cashmere, to avoid constant fidgeting.  That’s why I love this sweater from Lord & Taylor.  It’s thin, velvety soft, and very modern with the color blocking and asymmetric hem.  It meets all my knit-wear needs!

Neat Knits (1 of 4)

Neat Knits (4 of 4)

Neat Knits (3 of 4)

Black Magic

Black Magic

Free People Top, Jessica Simpson Jeans, Prabal Gurung for Target Heels, Urban Outfitters Clutch, Earring from New Orleans

It’s all in the details when wearing head to toe black to keep your look from falling flat.  Hence the netted peplum top with beading and the lace up faux leather heels.  It’s fun and easy to combine different textures when they’re all the same color, especially in something neutral like black.  The result is anything but basic.  However, if you’re in need of some extra color save it for small accessories like a clutch or dainty jewelery.

Black Magic (6 of 6)Black Magic (2 of 6)Black Magic (3 of 6)Black Magic (5 of 6)Black Magic (4 of 6)

Wildflowers and Banana Leaves

Wildflowers and Banana Leaves (3 of 6)I’ve seen banana leaf print all over the place this summer and I’ve admired it from afar, until I found these jeans.  The print is large and condensed enough for me so that it’s not too obvious what it is.  Patterns can be a little intimidating so I prefer wearing these pants with neutral tops and accessories so my outfit isn’t overwhelming.  Turns out banana leaf print isn’t that scary after all.

Wildflowers and Banana Leaves (2 of 6)Wildflowers and Banana Leaves (5 of 6)Wildflowers and Banana Leaves (1 of 6)Wildflowers and Banana Leaves (6 of 6)



Free People Top, Joe’s Jean, Sam Edelman Sandals, LOFT Sunglasses

At the end of summer I always get nostalgic because the time seems to fly by quicker and quicker every year.  I never seem to have enough time to visit with friends and family as long as I want to, or accomplish all of my warm weather plans.  However, I am especially looking forward to the beginning of next summer when my cousin will turn this beautiful boardwalk into an aisle when she gets married on the beach here in Maine.  There will be dancing, and laughter, good food and drink, plenty of loved ones, and some seriously beautiful clothing!  Until next time summer, it’s always a pleasure.

Boardwalking (3 of 8)Boardwalking (8 of 8)Boardwalking (6 of 8)Boardwalking (7 of 8)Boardwalking (2 of 8)Boardwalking (5 of 8)Boardwalking (1 of 8)

Fresh Fatigues

Fresh Fatigues

Calvin Klein T-Shirt, KUT Jeans, Nine West Wedges

Lately I’ve been enjoying a more simple style.  Blame it on summer, a more mature attitude, or being lazy, but I’m welcoming this shift.  However, simple doesn’t have to mean boring.  I am only wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and sandals, but it’s the details that make it special, interesting, and still fun to wear.  My top has cut-outs in the back, my pants are camo print, and my shoes are bright orange wedges.  It’s simple for the win!

On a side note, tomorrow marks my one year anniversary of starting Lady and the Duchess!  Thanks for all of your continued support!

Fresh Fatigues (1 of 7)Fresh Fatigues (7 of 7)Fresh Fatigues (2 of 7)Fresh Fatigues (6 of 7)Fresh Fatigues (3 of 7)Fresh Fatigues (5 of 7)