Welcome Home Jil Sander

Welcome Home Jil Sander

Jil Sander Dress, LOFT Sweater, Cole Haan Boots, Talbots Coat

“Welcome home Jil Sander,” is what I said to this dress after I scooped it up from a thrift store for $35 dollars and got it into my closet.  I all but screamed when I first laid eyes on it, and then again in the dressing room when I realized it fit!  I vowed to take care of it and give it a good life with me.  Oh the things we would do and see together!  I couldn’t wait to get to the register and get out of the store for fear this was a cruel joke, but luck was on my side that day.  I also managed to pick up the sweater from LOFT and the Talbots camel coat.  It was a great day!

Yes, this is a true story.

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Water Colors

Zara Dress, Cole Haan Boots

When I first wore this dress a colleague of mine remarked on how it reminded him of a watercolor painting.  I just saw a pretty sheath at Zara.  No matter, I have always believed that clothing and the way we dress ourselves can be a form of artistic expression.  Some days we create masterpieces, and others not quite.  This dress is no Van Gogh, and certainly not couture, but it’s a work of art to me.

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The Blues

The Blues

Banana Republic Top and Skirt, Cole Haan Sandals, Loft Sunglasses, Gifted Necklace

I’m not sad about this outfit or the warm spring weather.  I’m not sad about mixing a bright blue patterned top with a navy blue checked skirt.  I’m not sad about bare legs and red sandals.  I’m not sad about more sunshine.  The only thing I’m sad about is my lack of a tan, but I’m working on it.

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Spot On

Spot On

Lord & Taylor Peplum Top, J. Crew Pants, Prabal Gurung for Target Heels, H&M Earrings, Vintage Bangle

Spot On (4 of 8)Spot On (1 of 8)Spot On (5 of 8)Spot On (3 of 8)Some people may question the versatility of a pair of leopard print pants, but I’m having a hard time finding things that I don’t want to wear with them.  For a dressier look I paired them with a studded peplum top, laced up heels, and delicate jewelry.  For work I wore them with a fun sweater, brogues, and a menswear inspired watch.  I may have to hide these pants from myself for awhile because it has the potential to get pretty boring around here.

Spot On

H&M Sweater, J. Crew Pants, Cole Haan Brogues, Banana Republic and Vintage Earrings, Charles-Hubert Watch

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Transition Period

Transition Period

J. Crew Sweater, Ralph Lauren Vest, LOFT Trousers, Cole Haan Brogues, Vintage Diamond Earrings, Anthropologie Gold and Turquoise Earrings, Vintage Bangle

One of my biggest pet peeves is dressing inappropriately for the weather.  And Mother Nature certainly has been throwing some curve balls with 50 degree days and 30 degree nights, making it hard for me not to be annoyed with my outfit choices at some point during the day.  The transition period between seasons is always the hardest to dress for, but can be done by dressing in layers.  A down vest over a light sweater was perfect during the day, and when the temperature dropped down at night I replaced my vest with a warmer coat and I was good to go!

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These Boots

Blending Into The Background

Banana Republic Sweater, Splendid Long Sleeve Tee, J. Brand Jeans, Cole Haan Boots, LOFT Sunglasses, Gifted Elm City Jewelers Locket, Charles Hubert Watch

These boots were made for brunch with friends and some light shopping, which did involve some walking, so I guess it would be accurate to say ‘these boots were made for walking.’  They were also made for my enjoyment, and to be worn with skirts, pants, and dresses.  They were made to last because I’ve been wearing them for about six years now.  They were made to dress up the most simple outfits because otherwise I would basically just be wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  But mostly they were made for someone who does not live alone because I cannot for the life of me take them off without help.  Thank you Max for your past, present, and future help.

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Double Trouble

Double Trouble (2 of 5)

Express Sweater, H&M Shirt, LOFT Jeans, Cole Haan Brogues, Gifted Necklace, Asos Ring

At first I was not so keen on wearing denim on denim.  It made me nervous, and it still kinda does.  A red leopard (the most rare leopard) print sweater helped to break up the look and add some dimension.  It’s a nice option for more casual days, but could easily be dressed up with heels and statement jewelry.  Maybe next time.

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