April Showers

April Showers (2 of 6)

Saks Off Fifth Sweater, LOFT Skirt, DSW Boots

When I was younger I used to beg my mom to let me jump in puddles barefoot.  Only sometimes she would say yes and I thought it was such a special treat to wander around the yard by myself and walk through the mud!  I still love the rain, but as an adult I tend to dress a little more appropriately for the weather.  Flat waterproof shoes, clothing that doesn’t skim the ground, a soft sweater, and my bubble umbrella are my choice favorites.  Duchess prefers the look of a classic yellow rain jacket, or she just enjoys being the center of attention, we’ll never know.  Either way, she’s always jumping in puddles barefoot.

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Lady Layers

Lady Layers (2 of 5)

H&M Tweed Jacket, LOFT Sweater, American Eagle Jeans, John Fluevog Boots, Vintage Purse

Sometimes the best outfits come together accidentally.  By chance this tweed jacket and striped sweater were hanging next to each other in my closet.  I was just beginning to think that I had nothing to wear when I spotted them.  A pair of distressed denim, lilac studded boots, and a vintage purse later, the rest is history.  This is the perfect combination of pulled together and comfortable for a rainy afternoon spent at the museum.  I knew that I probably did too much outfit planning in my head, but now I know I’m doing it subconsciously as well.

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Neat Knits

Neat Knits

Lord & Taylor Sweater, Jessica Simpson Jeans, Bass Boots

Knit-wear can be tricky.  Yes, it’s very cozy, but there’s always the potential of an itchy, bulky, Grandma-esque sweater situation.   I prefer to wear a lightweight sweater with a tank underneath to minimize the bulk, and I always look for soft fabrics, such a cashmere, to avoid constant fidgeting.  That’s why I love this sweater from Lord & Taylor.  It’s thin, velvety soft, and very modern with the color blocking and asymmetric hem.  It meets all my knit-wear needs!

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No Sweat

No Sweat

I’m a lady who likes to dress up, but every so often a casual day is in order.  If I’m staying home all day, leggings and Uggs it is, but if I’m heading out I’ve got a few easy pieces that I’ve been reaching for lately.  My Zara sweatshirt has bead embellishments on the sleeves that give some effortless sparkle to my look.  My wine colored cords have a slight paisley pattern that’s adds an unexpected element to a cozy staple.  And my suede booties are the most comfortable, socially acceptable shoes that I’ve ever put on my feet.  I might feel like I’m wearing pajamas, but not everyone needs to know that.

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Poncho Please

Poncho Please

Vintage Poncho, Bass Belt, H&M Long Sleeve Top, LOFT Pants, Michael Kors Boots

A poncho is not an easy piece of clothing to wear without looking like you’re going to a costume party.  But I like a challenge, especially a fashion challenge.  And I believe in the transformative powers of a belt.  Pre-belt I looked like I was wearing a tent (take a look in the photo below).  After the simple addition of a plain black belt though, my waist was defined and an outfit was made!  Whether I use it for a coat, a blanket, or Halloween, this poncho is a keeper.

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Some Sparkle

Some Sparkle

Zara Sweater, J. Crew Skirt, Lord & Taylor Ankle Boots

There’s nothing wrong with a little daytime sparkle.  In fact, I’d encourage it on a gray winter day.  A little sparkle can go a long way and that’s why I tamed my iridescent pencil skirt with a slightly embellished sweater and suede ankle boots.  Just the right amount of shine requires some practice and a bit a restraint.  Good luck!

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These Boots

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American Eagle Jeans, Bass Boots, Muttluks Dog Booties

Duchess and I love a good walk, sometimes two or three a day!  But being outdoors so often calls for footwear that’s comfortable and can stand up to the elements.  At our house we love a good pair of shoes, and in addition to walking shoes being practical they also need to be fashionable.  My suede ankle boots have a low heel, are incredibly comfortable, and are transitional from season to season.  Duchess’s Muttluks are lined with fleece, completely waterproof, and only take about 10 minutes to put on.  At first she was not a fan, but I insist she protect her perfect little paws from the ice and salt.  On occasion Duchess looses a shoe, and we have to do a re-lap, but we’re working on it.  #Cinderellaproblems

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