Tropical Punch

Express Shirt, Loft Pants, J. Crew Belt, Forever 21 Purse, BCBG Wedges, TOMS Sunglasses, Boston Fashion Week Necklace, Gifted Elm City Jewlers Bangles, Vintage Bracelet, Hells Kitchen Flea Market Cross Bracelet (Click On Image To Enlarge)

Hello from the Outer Banks in North Carolina!  I’m currently on vacation with family, friends, Max, and Duchess.  I’m soaking up the sun on the beach, taking dips in the ocean, and reading my giant stack of fashion magazines that I had been unitentionally neglecting this past month.  While I do admit that I am guitly of laying out in the sun, I always make sure that I’m wearing sunscreen to protect my skin.

Normally after a week of vacation I come home bronzed and feeling very relaxed, but I’m left with a dry, frizzy mess of hair on my head.  This year I decided to ask my friend and hair stylist, Derrick Driver from Jade Salon in Stratford, Connecticut, how I can keep my hair healthy while on a beach getaway.  Derrick said, “I would recommend wearing a hat for prolonged exposure to the sun, using styling products and leave in conditioners that have built in UV protectant ingredients, and before going swimming, making sure your hair is soaked through with water from a shower head before going into the pool or surf.”  Thanks Derrick, I’ll definitely be following your tips for healthy summer hair!  If you want to learn more about Derrick or ask him any more tips about hair care, please visit his Facebook site, Hair By Derrick Driver, or leave a comment for me and I’ll ask him!

Have a great week, and there are Lady and The Duchess vacation posts to come!


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