White Light

LOFT Dress and Belt, Nine West Shoes, Gifted Necklace from my lovely and very fashionable friend Andrea! (Click on Image to Enlarge)

I’ve been in Chicago on business since Wednesday morning, and I’m very excited to be coming home to the Duchess tonight!  This trip has been very informative, yet still managed to be more fun than usual.  I love Chicago and wanted to spend some time here before my all day meetings started, so I took an early flight on Wednesday.  I had a delicious lunch on the rooftop garden of Nomi, got some quality window shopping done on the Magnificent Mile, and checked out a couple of exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  The most notable exhibit that I viewed was Vi-a`-vis by the artist Jimmy Robert, and it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  I would recommend it highly if you’re going to be in town anytime soon.

Well, Chicago, it’s been a pleasure as always, but my heart is in Boston!


Cut It Out

Anthropologie Dress, Random Sunglasses, Earrings from The Bead Shop in New Orleans, Bracelet from jewelry store on Nantucket (Click on Image to Enlarge)

These pictures were taken on our last night in the Outer Banks.  It’s always sad when a vacation comes to an end, but wearing my new favorite dress helps.  I had been saving it for a couple of weeks because I knew that I wanted to wear it to take pictures on the beach.  Now that I’ve a fulfilled that need, I plan on wearing this dress with these shoes, as many times as I possibly can before it gets too cold and I have to store this outfit away until next summer.  While I’m waiting to wear this dress again, you can be sure that I’ll be  dreaming of the beaches in the Outer Banks.

Walk This Way

Lilly Pulitzer Top, Old Navy Shorts, Victoria’s Secret Sandals, Gifted Elm City Jewelers Locket (Click on Image to Enlarge)

Every time I went to take the Duchess for a walk last week while we were in the Outer Banks, she would drag me towards the beach.  Just to be clear, she hates the ocean, but she loves to run around in the sand.  Dogs aren’t allowed to be on the beach until after 5pm, but it seems to me that Duchess believes in the saying “it’s always five o-clock somewhere.”  Again, just to be clear, so do I, and never more so than when I was on vacation.


H+M Dress and Sweater, Vintage Scarf, Victoria’s Secret Sandals, Urban Outfitters Necklace, Gifted Elm City Jewlers Locket (Click on Image to Enlarge)

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend wearing a maxi dress for a day spent at the beach, but I think it’s the perfect thing to slip on afterwards.  I purchased this dress on a whim last week and I’m not at all regretting my decision.  I’m already mentally planning what sweater I’m going to wear with it in the next couple of weeks before it gets too cold and I have to put it away until next summer.

A Fishtail at the Beach

H+M Tank and Pants, Shoemint Shoes, Random Sunglasses (Click on Image to Enlarge)

We’ve been having some cloudy, rainy weather this week in the Outer Banks, but we’ve been keeping oursleves busy playing cards, reading, and watching movies.  Luckily, it cleared up long enough for Max, Duchess, and I to take an evening stroll on the beach last night.  I thought that some tribal inspired pants, a bight tank, and a fishtail braid would only be fitting.  Taking pictures while walking along water was fun enough for me, while Duchess thought it was more fun eating shells, but who am I to judge?

So long for now, I must get back to our Gin Rummy tournament!

Tropical Punch

Express Shirt, Loft Pants, J. Crew Belt, Forever 21 Purse, BCBG Wedges, TOMS Sunglasses, Boston Fashion Week Necklace, Gifted Elm City Jewlers Bangles, Vintage Bracelet, Hells Kitchen Flea Market Cross Bracelet (Click On Image To Enlarge)

Hello from the Outer Banks in North Carolina!  I’m currently on vacation with family, friends, Max, and Duchess.  I’m soaking up the sun on the beach, taking dips in the ocean, and reading my giant stack of fashion magazines that I had been unitentionally neglecting this past month.  While I do admit that I am guitly of laying out in the sun, I always make sure that I’m wearing sunscreen to protect my skin.

Normally after a week of vacation I come home bronzed and feeling very relaxed, but I’m left with a dry, frizzy mess of hair on my head.  This year I decided to ask my friend and hair stylist, Derrick Driver from Jade Salon in Stratford, Connecticut, how I can keep my hair healthy while on a beach getaway.  Derrick said, “I would recommend wearing a hat for prolonged exposure to the sun, using styling products and leave in conditioners that have built in UV protectant ingredients, and before going swimming, making sure your hair is soaked through with water from a shower head before going into the pool or surf.”  Thanks Derrick, I’ll definitely be following your tips for healthy summer hair!  If you want to learn more about Derrick or ask him any more tips about hair care, please visit his Facebook site, Hair By Derrick Driver, or leave a comment for me and I’ll ask him!

Have a great week, and there are Lady and The Duchess vacation posts to come!

What I Would Wear to Tokyo

Saks Off Fifth Blouse, H+M Shorts, BCBG Shoes, Urban Outfitters Clutch, Earrings from Jewelry Shop in Germany (Help me out Andrea!), Gifted Vintage Turquoise and Diamond Rings, Gifted Elm City Jewelers Pinky Ring (Click on Image to Enlarge)

I purchased these shorts at the end of last summer, and I spent a whole year saving them to wear somplace special.  Needless to say, the oppurtunity where these short, floral, highwaisted shorts would have perfectly complemented the magical sunset private yacht cruise around a tropical island while sipping champagne never happened.  I would be remiss to let them hang in my closet another whole year, so I got all dressed up for an at home movie night with Max and the Duchess.  We watched the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” which came highly recommended from Max’s fabulous Aunt Jennifer.  Max and I thought it was amazing, and it left us yearning to book a trip to Tokyo just to try Jiro’s three-star Michelin Guide rated sushi, where I’m pretty sure my shorts actually would make the perfect outfit.  The Duchess didn’t seem quite as impressed as we were because she fell asleep right after the movie started, but maybe she was actually dreaming of sushi just like Jiro.